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About Us: Designer Clutch Bags with Purpose

ABOUT Clutch 4 Humankind

We were born different, so were you.


Our statement Clutch purses are bold, beautiful and cheeky. Sometimes rebellious but always kind at heart. We were made for each other.


All clutch bags are street art inspired and have a social purpose. Think wearable art designed to embolden your confidence. Unique clutch purses to amp up your cheeky style. Fashion with the ability to connect women and start conversations -  Here's to strong women and the power of conversation to lift one and other. The confidence to  share personal stories, and to be brave enough to have a conversation that matters (why do we think this is important? Read our story here).


Clutch 4 Humankind also donates 10% of the profit on every bag sold to someone else in need.


100% handmade in Australia our artwork is printed in Melbourne on high quality certified ethically sourced cotton linen fabric, making the perfect canvas for wearable art to supercharge your mood.


Our gorgeous seamstress is Haute-Couture trained and passionate about making sure you purchase a beautiful designer clutch bag which is turned out perfectly.


Zero ink pollutants make their way into the waste water, and as we know who made your clutch (Amber, Alex, Brett and so on...) we can guarantee fair work conditions too.


What are you waiting for? Let's take the day and crush it. Throw caution to the wind, be bold and cheeky. You got this babe. SHOP COLLECTION

ethcially made handbags made in Australia. Printed on ethically sourced linen cotton fabric. Zero pollution during printing.
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