When you shop, we donate. SIMPLE.


From a young age, I was deeply aware that not everyone has the same start in life. Our mum taught us to be adventurous and at the age of 25 my sister and I set off on our bicycles across Northern Africa cycling unsupported across the Sahara desert and down through some countries we'd never heard of.


After travelling the world it's hard not to notice how little others have, and when I finally got my sewing machine out in 2020 creativity with a purpose was calling. Clutch 4 Humankind was born.


Beautifully made clutch purses inspired by images from the street.  Ethically produced, supporting Australian Jobs and donating a portion of proceeds to others in need. Bold. Cheeky. Sometimes Rebellious. Starting Conversations with strangers. Hopefully conversations that matter.


In 2021 we are  currently partnering with Ugandan Photographer Brian Odwar and his wife Ann. Brian grew up like millions of others, on the streets, eating out of rubbish bins. Ann is featured on our 'Ann' Clutch and up until the end of May 2021 has received 100% of the profit from sales of this clutch. Its literally been our best seller. We're now changing it up to donate 10% of the profit from each bag sold across our range. 



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+ Clutch 4 Humankind is passionate about making unique statement clutches. Each clutch is custom printed on linen-cotton with images inspired by the street. Bold, beautiful, and sometimes rebellious, we hope your oversize clutch makes you stand out and sparks a conversation (maybe one that matters). 

+ Our gorgeous seamstress is Haute-Couture trained. She's based in Sydney and passionate about making sure our clutches are beautiful, and of course, turned out perfectly.

+ We print our fabrics in Melbourne with a supplier aligned to our goal of having a transparent supply chain. They print our fabrics on ethically sourced linen-cotton which is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. There is also zero waste ink during our printing process