Brian Odwar


Brian provided the photo for the Ann Clutches - We provide 100% of our profit from the Ann Clutch to Brian and Ann. Brian is on a mission to expand his career and provide more for his young family so please get behind him if you can. Here is his story: 

After the death of my mum as a child, I lived on the streets of Kampala. Sleeping on verandas, eating from bins and doing nasty things which would always get me into trouble. 

My uncle whom I was living with before I went to the streets, called me a disgrace among many things. I was sent to the village Kitgum, in Northern Uganda. I remember my mum asking me what I wanted to be and I described to her how I wanted to travel the world, taking photos, and telling stories. She concluded "a Journalist". That stuck with me and I believed that I would be that someday.

In Kitgum, I lived with my half brother who didn't really care much about how I was, and was always on the move leaving me in the hands of his ruthless wife. One day, in 2008, I was listening to the radio. It was Mighty Fire FM - Irene Gleeson Foundation's (IGF) community radio. They were talking about a Gospel Dance Party. I went, and there I met Jesus and I made him the lord of my life.  That was the beginning of a new life.

I had challenges with school fees and one Sunday after church, I met IGF's founder the late Mama Irene (from Narrabeen in Sydney's Northern Beaches). She told me to come to IGF and gave me full tuition. After completing high school, I promised Mama Irene that I would do anything for her as my payback for her good gesture.

Mama Irene was testing my resilience and patience as I helped IGF build the maternity hospital. She then asked me to be a fixer for Ginny Stein, an ABC Journalist who recommended me well. I was trained on how to report news and given a little camera and a computer. I taught myself photography, videography and everything in between to express my stories.  I became Kitgum's creative 'go to' person.

In 2020 I moved from IGF to work with CURE children's hospital international.

IGF changed thousands of lives and mine is one of them. I wanted to be a journalist, but I know I am more than that. God led me through to make me the man I am today. I have a family.

My name is Brian and I am a storyteller.

Click for more information about: The Irene Gleeson Foundation,  and  CURE International Uganda

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Pascal Bernardon

Amateur Photographer

Pascal provided the street art photographs for the Audrey and Spray Painted Lady Clutches. He has written about those photographs on his blog. Read it here.


"Be a revealer of the present moment

As I wrote in a previous article, since the age of 15, photography has become a passion. Whether it was in the days of film photography, when the cost of development limited my desire to press the shutter button or after the advent of digital technology which drastically lowered the cost of photography, I have always tried to reveal the subjects that are close to my heart.

Digital technology has also made it easier for me to share, with different communities, the moments that I have the opportunity to shoot during my travels or my daily walks.

The photo is for me the reminder and the testimony of the beauties of our planet and the events that I had the chance to experience. Each of my photos documents the look I want to share with you -Smile, you are going to be photographed".