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My grandfather told me I would help a lot of people.

Adoch Anna is a Local Government Health Nurse, Mother of Caden, & Wife of Brian. She is featured on our range of Ann Clutch Purses and a portion of the Clutch 4 Humankind profit goes towards supporting Ann and her family. You can read more about our donations here


I was born in Uganda, a small town called Walukuba in Jinja District. They named me Adoch Anna. My father had two wives - my mum being his second young wife. I was one of 3 children but there were many cousins in the same house - a 4m x 4m room. I did not know any luxury. My dad was providing for 2 families - 10 of his own children plus other dependents. He provided rent, medical needs and food. Mum brought us up humble and told us not to ask for what can't be afforded.

As I was growing up I wanted to be a doctor and I never changed my resolve. My grandfather told me I would help a lot of people. Throughout my schooling I had to push to achieve what was needed because I wanted to be a doctor one day.

Dad was an engineer in a mattress factory for over 29 years . The chemicals ruined his lungs and every day he went to work he became sicker, until he could go no more. Life hit us hard. Many of us were in high school.

My uncle agreed to help me go through nursing school and in 2013 I finished high school (with no retakes!) and went to Kitgum to work. I was so lonely there - I knew nobody and had no friends. One day Brian came in as a patient. After his treatment, he asked if I would be his friend and that's where my story began with him. My mum and dad are still alive and I thank God for that. I am a mother to a great and awesome son Caden, a wife to Brian, and a certificate nurse in a local government village health centre miles away from home.

In 2020 Brian was offered a job with CURE Children's Hospital International. We have to live 8 hours by bus from each other, but we come together as often as we can. I am so proud of him.



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